Food Service Distributors

Goodnight Brothers has been curing and aging country ham for over 65 years.  Although the flavor profile of our country ham has not significantly changed the many different cuts and packaging options we offer has. We specialize in de-boning and slicing our products to satisfy almost any particular use in the foodservice industry. If you own a restaurant in the south eastern United States then please consider ordering some Goodnight Brothers Country Ham from any of the following distributors; US Foods, Cheney Brothers, Sysco, Shuler Meats, EG Forest, JM Meats, Reinhart Food Service, Performance Foods or Meat and Seafood Solutions.  

If you are a restaurant owner and contact one or more of our distributors, you may find that they sell Goodnight Brothers Country Ham under many different labels or brands. We pack the following country ham brands, Watauga Country Ham, Dan’l Boone Country Ham, Blue Ridge Country Ham or it may be packed under the name of the distributor such as JM Meats, Shuler Meats and several others.