All Natural Country Ham

In 2009 we partnered with Whole Foods Market and the Eastern North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association run by Jerimiah Jones.  We cure and age country hams and side meat with the hams and pork bellies from Jeremiah jones and his co-op. These fresh hams come from locally raised pork and are cured without the use of nitrites except for those naturally occurring in sea salt or celery powder.

Acre station, which is located in Pine Town, NC, processes 100% of the pigs that are grown by Jerimiah Jones. The three primary products we produce are Goodnight’s Pork Side Meat, Goodnight’s Thin Sliced and Goodnight’s Biscuit Cuts. The thin sliced ham is our version is prosciutto.  These three products are available to purchase at Whole Foods Market Southern Division and Earthfare. These hams and pork bellies are produced in very small quantities.

For more information on these products and how to purchase them for use in restaurants please contact Bob Rochelle or Tony Snow at 800-828-4934 or email